Recruiting and Ramping Sales Talent
Sales Talent Acquisition Routine

Sales Talent Acquisition Routine

STAR is the ultimate detailed system for finding, evaluating, interviewing and hiring top 20% sales talent. It is a sales specific, time-tested, proven, accurate, system. Our predictive validity is 92%… meaning our ability to predict someone’s sales success or failure is very accurate.

The Modern Science of Salesperson Selection

The road to effectively selecting top sales talent is filled with potholes, roadblocks, and speedbumps.   The foundational science of salesperson selection relies on four components, which are: 1. Will and motivation; 2. The absence of hidden weaknesses which can keep salespeople from doing the right things when it counts; 3. What salespeople believe about themselves, their opportunity and who they work for; and 4. The fit for their assigned role.

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