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Client Kudos

"Incredible Impact”

I came to know Jeff through his successful engagement with the Innovapptive sales team. Jeff has a great ability to diagnose the current state through engaging dialog, smart questioning, and data analysis. He inspires confidence, teaches technique, and challenges team members to be accountable for the expectations of their role. The sales team at Innovapptive is now more capable to produce larger and more consistent outcomes. As a sales leader my ability to identify right-fit sales talent, train and coach the team, and enable my executive leader with more predictable outcomes and higher accuracy forecasts has reached a next-level.
Sven Bergstrom, Global VP of Sales – Innovapptive

In under a year working with Jeff he has made an incredible impact on our sales organization and company as a whole. We have implemented a definitive sales process, a recruiting process and a world class sales playbook along with regular training. Our reps look forward to the training we do and have completely bought in. We are in the process of moving upmarket and selling larger more enterprise level deals and I couldn’t imagine doing it without Jeff’s guidance. To any leader of a software company looking to take their sales department to the next level I highly recommend Jeff Johnson.
Trey Gibson, CEO – SPOTIO

“Master Sales Coach”

Jeff is a master sales coach and process guru. He has did a phenomenal job with the Bridgeway sales team, developing the sales strategy, and motivating this team to new heights. Jeff has helped us change course for the better and for that I am deeply appreciative.
Keith Okano, President of Bridgeway Software

Jeff is an amazing sales leader and coach. He lead and transformed our Sales/Sales Operations team into a world class organization. All sales records and growth rates were taken to new heights during his tenure. It was an incredibly rewarding experience to be a part of such a high performing team, and to work and learn under Jeff’s leadership. I highly recommend Jeff and would welcome the opportunity to work with him again!
Janet Scalia, VP Sales Operations

“Superior Sales Trainer”

Jeff is a superior sales trainer and consultant. He possesses a mastery of his craft, is engaging in his training, and has a true passion for seeing his clients succeed. Unlike some consultants who dispense information and leave, Jeff isn’t satisfied until the client’s results match his very high expectations. A true partner.
Brian Fisher, COO of Pursuant

A truly gifted sales leader and coach! At Bridgeway Software Jeff recruited, built, and led a team out of mediocrity into a world class sales organization. He instilled a belief in a sales process and system, through coaching, mentoring and supporting the team. I could always count on Jeff to deliver leadership, experience, and thought to all sales challenges I may have been faced with ~ a great sounding board for success! Jeff is one of the few sales leaders I would welcome the call for the next opportunity!
Ed Manning, VP Sales kReveal

“Inspires and Drives”

Jeff inspires and drives his sales teams to exceed expectations. Utilizing the Sandler Sales System, he coaches his sales people by motivating them to outperform goals and set new company sales records by transforming attitudes, behaviors and techniques. Working with Jeff helped me to metamorphize my sales process to a level that I did not know existed. My results have been phenomenal.
Laura Cassels, Regional Print Solutions Manager

Jeff helped me learn things about myself that I didn’t realize previously. His ability to bring out your strengths and challenge you to succeed is top notch. He is a great sales coach and mentor and takes sales teams to the next level.
Laura Lemus, Sales Supervisor – O’Connor & Associates