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The Sales Team Maturity Model – Where Does Your Team Land?

Sales Team Maturity Model

If you answered reactive, to me, this is not a good place to be.  Typically, reactive is associated with doing the wrong things and hoping for the best.  With personal health, it may indicate an unhealthy lifestyle, but with corrective action health and vitality can be restored.  With a sales team it is very similar.

The unhealthy indicators for the reactive sales team begin with the customer being in control, having a bad case of happy ears and a bloated and inaccurate pipeline.  Normally, reactive is also associated with an underperforming sales team, margins (discounting) being the first point of concession, small deal sizes, single digit RFP win rates and access to the key decision makers a rarity (because they don’t know how), just to name a few.

The good news associated with this dilemma is that these are all indicators of tremendous growth potential.  If you want to know what a maturing sales team looks like and what the stages of maturing development are, you can download a copy of my Sales Team Maturity Model.  If you would like to know “9 right things to do right” to having a successful sales development effort, read my post Successful Sales Team Results – It’s Just Like Creating a Great Steak!  For an initial strategy on getting rid of old opportunities that are bloating your pipeline and not moving, read my post Sales Revenue in a Tailspin? Read Quickly Before You Have to Jump!

Good Sales Team Building in 2016!

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