Recruiting and Ramping Sales Talent

Get Your Sales Team Performing the Way it Should Be

Get Your Sales Team Performing the Way it Should Be

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Sales Organization Analysis: People, Processes and Systems

There are always 4 important questions that need to be asked periodically of any sales organization. Those are: Can we be more effective? If so, how much more effective can we be? What will it...
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Sales Talent Acquisition Routine

STAR is the ultimate detailed system for finding, evaluating, interviewing and hiring top 20% sales talent. It is a sales specific, time-tested, proven, accurate, system. Our predictive validity is 92%… meaning our ability to predict...
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Salesperson Ramp Plan

The first 90 days of a new salesperson (or one who needs a restart) is critical to their short and long term success. Having clarity of goals, proper compensation (for both the company and the...
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Having a team who takes pride in leading their market instead of constantly needing to be led is a game changer!

More management time, more focus on strategic development, more critical market intelligence. Here are a few things that can be expected by focusing on upgrading your team:

  • Winning Sales Culture
  • Quality Turnover (the strong stay and the weak leave)
  • Increased Margins
  • Higher Win Rate
  • Lower Cost of Sale
  • Accurate Forecasting
  • Excitement for the Future
  • Peace of Mind

“Jeff has a great ability to diagnose the current state through engaging dialog, smart questioning and data analysis. He inspires confidence, teaches technique and challenges team members to be accountable for the expectations of their role.”

Sven Bergstrom, VP Sales at Innovapptive

“Jeff is a master sales coach and process guru. Jeff has helped us change course for the better and for that I am deeply appreciative.”

Keith Okano, President at Bridgeway Software

“Jeff is a superior sales trainer and consultant. He possess a true mastery of his craft, is engaging in his training and has a true passion for seeing his clients succeed.”

Brian Fisher, EVP Operations at Pursutant

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